Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Breakdown: Sneak Peek

Getting closer and closer to the end of Breakdown, so I figured it was time to share a quick sneak peek! For those who read Break Away, you may remember this scene with Dex and Nate, but this time we're getting it from Nate's perspective...

Dex raises his eyebrows questioningly. “What are you, scared of this girl? Tell her to get lost.”

I wish it were that simple. “She’s a little… unpredictable. I figured I’d give her some time to cool off.”

“You mean bat-shit crazy,” he concludes. “I’m surprised you stayed with her as long as you did. Although… the crazy ones are usually pretty wild in bed, so I get it.”

“You’re such a dog,” I chuckle, shaking my head. “Kelly and I didn’t click, that’s all. I was trying to force something that wasn’t there.”

Because I’m completely hung up on your sister.

“Whatever, I’m just glad you’re single again,” he says. “I’ve been stuck without a wingman for over a month while you ‘experimented’ with a relationship. It’s seriously affecting my game. Last weekend, I had a hot chick on the hook, all ready to go, but she wouldn’t leave the bar without her damn friend.”

“So you had to go home all alone, eh?”

“Hell no, I took them both home.” He grins devilishly. “Turned out to be a pretty great night, actually, but you’re missing the point.”

**Please note: this is an unedited first draft, and may be changed or revised prior to publication.



  1. I didn't see anhthung from this movie before named 'Breakdown' but this is something great and my interest of story line. So I will be watching this real soon

  2. As much as i read these little excerpts you share, it makes me all the more interested in getting this book for myself! Congratulate the writer on writing such an excellent piece of writing.