Monday, November 18, 2013

Break Away - Celebratory Teaser:

"THE END" -- I just typed those two magical words at the end of Break Away! Although I still have a LOT more to do with editing and revisions, I thought I'd celebrate by sharing a little teaser with you...

The air was musty, tinged with sweat, and buzzing with adrenaline, but I blocked everything out and zeroed in on the man who would be trying to beat the shit out of me as soon as the bell rang. He had a deadly expression on his face, but he couldn't intimidate me. I had already won the fight, he just didn't know it yet.
My lips curled up into a smile. He would find out soon.
“What are you smiling at, you fucking pussy?” He goaded, “You’re not even a Marine anymore. You ain't got shit, Porter. I almost feel bad that they put me up against your sorry, has-been, disabled, ex-Marine ass.”
My smile only got wider. I couldn't wait to teach this prick a lesson. There was no such thing as an “ex-Marine.”
Once a Marine, always a Marine.

**This is an unedited first draft, so it may be changed/revised prior to publication.**

Now it's on to editing!

xo. EG